Apply online

How to Apply


Your application should include:-

1. Completed Application Form

2. Supporting information about your project, e.g. copies of any literature from the organisers.

3. The name and address of your Monitor who will support your application together with a letter from the Monitor confirming agreement to act in this capacity.



You are requested to nominate a Monitor (who may be your tutor, teacher, careers adviser or an adult who knows you well) to vouch for your project, as described in the “Guidelines for Monitors”. Please note ... an employee of an organisation / trust which you are travelling / working with is not eligible to be your monitor.

Compusory Final Report


You are required to submit a report to the Adviser at the address above within three weeks of the conclusion of your project. If a report is not submitted, SSYAT reserves the right to require repayment from you of any Award made to you. The report should preferably be typed and should not exceed two A4 pages. We appreciate that some sponsors may require a more detailed report, but please précis your report for us so that it does not exceed two A4 pages. Reports are highly valued by the Trustees to enable them to know what you did on your project and what value you feel you got from it. The Trustees want to see a candid overview, including not only the positive aspects of your project, but difficut and negative challenges.

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